A downloadable game for Windows

Yama No Bori (山のぼり).

One man, one mountain, one destiny.

Run, jump, slide and kick your way up the mountain that generations have deemed impossible to climb. Revive an ancient tradition and prove your worth to yourself and others.

A 2D side scrolling runner set in the mountains of feudal Japan, featuring combination of painterly and pixel graphics, 3 levels spanning 9 difficulties and an intuitive move set.


  • -Increasing difficulty!
  • -Instant and seamless respawn!
  • -Hybrid art style (painterly backgrounds, pixel foreground action)!
  • -Use WASD or the arrow keys!
  • -Checkpoints!
  • -Graphics!
  • -Gameplay!
  • -Controls!

Release Date: 26/06/15

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

A student project spanning conceptualisation to release over the course of a semester.

Install instructions

Download and run.


Yama No Bori (山のぼり) 7 MB